Friday, 16 December 2016

My Last Blog Post For 2016

Hi everyone, so today is my last day at Hay Park School. I will not forget the thing that I did at Hay Park School. Like when I did sport early this term. The first sport that I did at Hay Park, I think Softball. Softball was so fun because I was a fast runner and we lost to but I got to play and have fun. So this is my last post for 2016, I wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!


Monday, 28 November 2016

Rotoroa Island Photos

Hi people, so I did a blog post about me going to Rotoroa Island. So now this blog post is about the photos we toke on Rotoroa Island. So all we had to do is to find some amazing photos that we think that is amazing then we had to make something that can show the photos that we think is amazing. So I made a Imovie and I think it may be amazing but it is up to use if it is. So here is the video that I made.

Here it is

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rotoroa Island

Hi everyone, so yesterday Scott Class and Killeen Class went to Rotoroa Island. I did some writing about yesterday. Here it is.Come on guys” everybody said, we came back from having lunch. And also we came back from that big walk form the monument. We put our bags in the lockers. And then we went into the hall. We were listening to the instructions that the person was saying. So we learnt who to use the G.P.S, and we had to find this piece of card that had footprints on it and we had to take it back into the hall so we could get our points. Then we had tablets and we had to find the matching foot print that was on the piece of card, then we got to use the G.P.S bye ourselves but we were still in our group. we got some help with the parents too, but it was fun doing it all together as a team. It was funny because people looked at me and saw me walking around the wow place.Okay so now that we learnt how to use a G.P.S. Now we used binoculars and this clipboard. Why were we using binoculars and a clipboard? Well because now we had to find this toy that had colors at the bottom of its foot. It was a toy and it was hidden in the trees or somewhere else. So we had to use the binoculars to look up or in the middle of the tree for the toy. We could see the toy and the colors on its foot. And the colors that we saw on the toy was orange and this other color that I can not remember. But then we had to come in because it was time to go back to New Zealand.So it was time to go. We walked back to the boat and I think the boat was late. So we were waiting for the boat and all you can see is the boat. So the boat came and we all got onto the boat, then we were waiting to go bake to New Zealand. We could eat on the boat or sleep or play games but you had to be quiet. Some people were outside but most of us were in side. I felt sea sick so Mr L side “Vonairay are you alright” He said. “Yes” I side, “Are you sure, yes” But Mr L just took me outside so that I could have some fresh air because I felt sick.So I went outside to have some fresh air. And Lanus mum was so helpful that she helped me to feel better. So Lanus mum was helping me feel better and I felt really sick but then I felt better because I was warm when Lanus mum was hanging me. So we were waiting and waiting until we go to New Zealand. “Yaaaaaa” I said. I was happy because when I get home I will have a shower and then I will go to sleep. But there was one more thing that we had to do to go home. We had to go on the bus. I was so tired that I could not walk, But I walked anyways because we were almost home. There was lots of traffic so we had to wait. But when we were near school I was kind of sad because I did not want to leave the Island because I got to learn new things about birds and other.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

water bottle flip

Hi everyone, so today I did water bottle flip video. Because I thought it will be fun to do it. So what is the water bottle flip challenge? Well it is a challenge where you have to make the bottle flip on the bottom of the water bottle. And if you are doing this, keep on trying and trying because that is what I did. If you keep on doing this at school or home I think you will be good at doing a water bottle flip. But in this video that I am going to show you I did one mistake but the rest I did not. But here is the video, hope you enjoy.                      

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What we have been doing in Scott Class?

Hi to all that is looking at my blog, so in Scott Class we are very busy doing some learning. Would yous like to know what kind of learning we do? Well in the morning me Scott Class do our literacy takes. If you do not know what it mean. It mean like when you do reading and writhing at the same time but I think it also might mean doing to thing at the same time. So that is what we do in the morning, then when the ball rings to go back to class we do maths. But before we do maths we do a warm up game and that is target so when we have finished. Then we do our maths. Then the ball should ring, and that means it is launch time so. We eat and then play and then our day just go's on. So that is what we do in Scott Class. So what do you do in your learning time?? Thank you guys for reading this blog post and I hope to see you guys next time. I will leave 1 photo of what I do in my learning time.


This is my Literacy takes

Thursday, 20 October 2016


Hi everyone, so today me and Scott Class went to the pools. Our group was steel learning how to hold our berth. We also learnt how to do some arm strokes so we did one with a bored and then we did it with out a bored. The other arm stoke that we did is that we look down then we swing our arums then when we swing our arums then we look on the side. So that is the arm stroke that we did. The other thing that we was we got in to our arm strokes then we looked back then we dive back worse then we swim and then we went back. And I think we also just did where we swim to the end with the bored and swim back. Then we had to do it with out the bored. I think that is it that we did at the pools, Here is some amazing photos of use swimming.

                                                         Here you go


My Holidays

Hi to all, so in the holidays I will like to tell you what I did. So in the first week I went over to my aunt's house to have a sleep over at her house. And it was hard to look after the kids, then it was time to say good bye to my aunt and the kids. Then I went back home and I just did nothing I just played outside then I went inside to watch T.V. Then next week we went to go pick up my cousin . That I had a sleep over at, we got then and we took then out to the movies and when we finished we got and eat. Then after that we went to CM. And that was fun, if you do not know what I mean then I will be porting some photos down some where there. Then our days was finished. The next day was White Sunday. Now for me it was bad, so on that day I am not going to tell you what happen. The the next day was school, and that is my holiday. I am going to leave some photos for you down here.

                                                       Here is some photos